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Graham Feed Poultry

Appearance of any GFC Poultry crumbled product

Graham Feed Company offers a complete line of poultry feed products to ensure optimal growth and nutrition in your birds.  Our Mill prides itself on using only the finest fresh ingredients available in our poultry feeds.  Whether you are looking for a medicated starter feed to achieve a strong start, or a solid layer feed with added calcium for superior egg quality, we have what you are looking for.


  • Chick Starter Crumble- 18% Medicated (For starting baby chicks contains Amprolium for coccidiosis protection)


  • Chick Grower Crumble- 17% (Non-medicated for growing birds)


  • Poultry Layer Crumble or Pellet- 16% (For laying chickens available in a crumble or pellet form, higher calcium levels for good egg quality)


  • Medium Scratch-(Grain mix of medium cracked corn, wheat, and milo)


  • Turkey/Gamebird Starter Crumble- 27% Medicated (Crumbled feed for starting turkeys and other gamebirds.  Medicated with Amprolium for coccidiosis protection)


  • Poultry Crumble or Pellet- 20% (Duck, turkey, gamebird or broiler grower.  Comes in pellet or crumble form)




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